Induction into the USMA Hall of Fame

USMA Hall of Fame pic
USMA Hall of Fame pic
USMA Hall of Fame

Dr. John C. Chiu, MD, a graduate of Southern Methodist University, serves as president of the California Spine Institute Medical Center in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to leading the medical center, he treats patients using minimally invasive spinal surgeries. Away from work, Dr. John C. Chiu is an avid student of martial arts and its underlying philosophy. He has received several honors, including the International Martial Arts Living Legend Award from the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Each year, the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame (USMAHOF) inducts individuals who excel in one or more of the martial arts disciplines and use their position in the world of martial arts to positively influence others. The Hall of Fame places additional value on individuals who seek to improve themselves and the martial arts through continued practice and study.

Nominations into the USMAHOF are generally made by current members, though any person is permitted to fill out a nomination form. Applications, which can be found at, are subsequently reviewed by the USMAHOF committee, which seeks to approve only the most qualified individuals. A few of the more recognizable USMAHOF inductees include Bruce Lee, Sir Richard Bustillo, Tak Kubota, and Mark Shuey. The USMAHOF also distributes awards to inductees at four distinct levels, including Platinum Awards such as the Pioneer Award, the Martial Arts Legend, and the Living Legend Award.


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