Use of Colored belts in Martial Arts

Martial arts
Martial arts


John C. Chiu, MD, is the president of the California Spine Institute Medical Center, online at Outside of his professional life, John C. Chiu, MD, enjoys taking part in martial arts.

Various martial arts have different styles. These can include Krav Maga, kickboxing, and judo, to name a few. Some of these styles are known for using throw-downs such as judo, where others concentrate more on stand-up fighting, commonly seen in karate.

One popular aspect of martial arts is the use of colored belts to denote the level of the student. Generally, students start out as a white belt, which is meant to denote birth. As students progress through their studies, they are thought of as seeds growing toward the sun. As they progress through other colors in nature, from yellow to orange, they start moving toward the sky (green and blue), until eventually the students become black belts. This is considered the final level, since the students have reached the pinnacle of knowledge, and are now ready to teach others.


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