Philosophy and Advantages of Martial Arts

Martial arts
Martial arts


An alumnus of Baylor University College of Medicine, John C. Chiu, MD, serves California Spine Institute Medical Center as president. Away from his work-related duties, John C. Chiu, MD enjoys martial arts.

Martial arts is a combat type of practice with a strong moral code that includes tenets of humility, respect, and discipline. Although martial arts is known to give you the skills to defend yourself, there are additional advantages you can gain from the practice. Engaging in martial arts helps you to know yourself not only internally, but also externally. The focus is on self-control and learning to use your body to master your mind, rather than fighting. In fact, martial arts denounces impulsive actions. Because martial arts emphasizes self-discipline, it can help you learn to stay calm during stressful situations and how to approach these situations better. In addition, training with martial arts provides you experience in handling adversity, which sets it apart from other activities like yoga.


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