Categories of Martial Arts Weapons

Martial Arts Weapons pic
Martial Arts Weapons pic
Martial Arts Weapons

John C. Chiu, MD, serves as medical director of the California Spine Institute Medical Center in Thousand Oaks. Outside of work, John C. Chiu, MD, enjoys practicing martial arts.

Although the martial arts are often known for a common set of body movements and maneuvers, such as kicks, strikes, and sweeps, they also can incorporate several kinds of weapons. Below are three categories of martial arts weapons.

Edged. Edged, or bladed, weapons have a sharp edge for cutting or slicing or sharpened point for puncturing or stabbing. These include axes, spears, maces, forks, halberds, picks, and a wide range of knives, swords, and daggers.

Blunt. Contrary to edged weapons, blunt weapons lack a blade for cutting. Used for clubbing, bludgeoning, or stunning, blunt weapons include the staff, the Buddha hand, the club, the hard nine-section whip, and the crutch.

Projectile. Often hidden prior to being thrown, projectile weapons include knives, arrows, flying locust stones, sleeve swords, meteor balls, wolf-teeth hammers, double-flying claws, the dragon-head stick, rope darts, and axes.


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